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Every project is different, and we want to do the job as easy as possible, yet not forgetting visuality and functionality.

Customer confidence and satisfaction is our foundation. A good service will bring more customers. That is why we invest to the result and handle everything with care and professionality.

Below you can read more about our services.

Web site design

Above all, the web site should be clear, easy-to-use, fast, and give the user a clear picture of the company and its products.

These are the basic conditions on developing a new site to our customer.

A well-designed and functional website will serve the company and its customers while reducing the number of advertising and media needs.

Our Web-design includes:


    • Designing the pages, templates or simply the home-page
    • HTML and CSS programming
    • Optimization for search engines
    • Graphic design (images, banners, etc.)


Graphic design

Regardless of size, the visual image is as important to each company or community.

We design your corporate image, forms, brochures and other materials, preferably in total package. This accomplish that the company's appearance will remain a cohesive and recognizable in the future.

Our graphical know-how is in your use, for example, the following implementations:


    • Customer Publications and Manuals
    • Newspaper ads
    • Photographs and technical illustrations
    • PC presentations and slides
    • Creation and development the company´s appearance (logo, envelopes, business cards, forms)


Computers and accessories

We provide guidance on the following occasions:


    • the computer purchase and the installation
    • internet access and e-mail
    • software installation and deployment
    • accessories purchase and installation


Consultation and guidance

Consultation and guidance can be obtained, for example, the following cases:


    • internet and e-mail use
    • basic computer use
    • spreadsheet (Excel)
    • word processing (Word)


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